Iberian Oca Journeys

The breeding of free-range Iberian Occases is an art that provides a unique flavor, due to a natural, non-forced feeding of corn, figs, acorns, and free grass. 

Consommé, Sweetbreads, Potatoes "Sarladaises", Foie, Wings, Confit, from French haute cuisine, at Verum we have the best parts of the Goose, preparing them in their own juice, and in our wood oven. An exquisite delicacy for the palate that you will rarely be able to taste. 

The French say that he has never tried French fries, if they are not "Sarlat potatoes" style. Our elongated cut of Sanlúcar potatoes, this time fried in the goose fat itself, creating a delicious, clean and subtle "Maillard", with Persillade flakes. That is why it is one of the most exquisite starters or accompaniments.